Rock the Trades

Rock the trades is a custom bespoke solution for industrial tradesmen. It was integrated with our employer app Surehand to facilitate communication between employers and tradesmen. The application allowed users to focus on three main areas:

  1. A private social network to discuss trades issues with fellow tradesmen
  2. An opportunity to build and improve their profile by educating them and connecting them to training opportunities.
  3. A jobs portal to browse jobs based on specific metadata searches and reach out directly to employers through a private messaging service.

Our solution went above and beyond others by allowing users to set custom matching criteria to jobs, custom notifications, and adding skills to their profile on the fly.

App landing page
The social feed.
Career section to update your profile, gain training, and research trades.
Comprehensive profile related to industrial trade credentialing
Training institutions specific to trade and location
Integrated messaging system
Granular control of your notifications
Trade explorer allows for trade-specific research
Job listings based on your profile
Job details listing
Credential overview
Job preferences configuration