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Industrial - Robert J. Powers

MacBook is Sharp

Has anyone else noticed how the edges of the Macbook are seriously sharp? It literally cuts into your wrists. There have been reports of this for a long time. I cannot understand why Apple would not address this long ago. It’s bad enough that the laptop nearly melts your flesh. Apple could at least soften the plastic edges.

Hopefully this will be addressed in the next release.

The Perfect Case

I’ve bought many cases throughout my life and regretted many choices. After much travel and general observation, I have put together this little article to help in choosing the right case.

Wear and Tear

Make sure the edges are plastic or very hard leather. I had noticed on a friends bag that the edges were not plastic. The case was constructed of cloth and after very little usage, the bottom was totally shredded. It is especially important to have a hard plastic on the bottom.

Is it Sitable?

I don’t think that people really think about this when shopping for a case. In many situations at airports, bus stops, or subways, you may find yourself sitting for long periods of time, and chairs may not always be available. Sure you can sit on the ground, but there may be situations where you don’t want to get dirty. A good case with a strong frame makes for a great chair when you are really tired. Make sure that you can balance yourself on it also.


Make sure that your bag size fits with your size needs. If you want to use it for airline carry on, make sure it fits within airline size regulations. If you are buying a case for a laptop, make sure it is big enough to hold your computer. The 17″ Macbook Pro is a monster in size, and will not fit in many brief cases.

Heavy Duty

Inspect framing of your bag before purchase. Chances are, if you check a bag at an airport, it’s going to get tossed around like a rag doll. Buying a bag with a strong frame and heavy duty plastic edging with help with this greatly. This will also help with the aforementioned sitable factor.


Anyone who has gone to Europe knows that many of the streets are old world cobbled style. Pulling a bag with large wheels can help ease the pains of navigating cobbled streets. I have yet to see a good design for a suitcase that has a wheel base greated than 4 inches. Perhaps a savvy industrial designer will be inspired from this post and make one.


The storage factor goes without saying. Make sure that your case has as many or as little compartments to meet your needs.

Little Details (Drawer Slides)

As I plan for buying a house and furniture I am paying more attention to small details. One thing I look at in furniture is the use full extension drawer slides. This may seem trivial to some however it just makes sense. Would you make a door that opens up only 3/4 of the way? Would you make a button on a web page that only has 3/4 of it as a clickable area? Probably not. So why wouldn’t people use drawer slides that open up all the way? Full extension drawer slides are just good design.