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Alere - Alfresco - Extract Transform Load
Alere – Extract Transform Load

Alere – Extract Transform Load

Blue Martini, as an older technology, uses a now deprecated content repository. This causes significant issues in work flow and data management. The Blue Martini system also prohibits any type of efficient collaborative environment because it isn’t web based but instead, is client-server based. Additionally, the data model available in Blue Martini prohibits any form of re-purposing or effective management of the data. Alere realizes the need for a more robust, enterprise grade Web content management (WCM) platform effectively portraying the organization in an efficient manner while leaving room for future growth and expansion of programs.

Like many legacy systems, Blue Martini never progressed with product development. Consequently, the feature set is poor and usability remains an issue. Through the years the system has been handed down from one employee to another, and as business goals changed, legacy data was not incorporated. At this point, the legacy data is of insignificant to no value.

These problems necessitated the migration of the legacy system and data to an alternate, more robust system. In order to properly migrate the data, the data model was re-mapped to a flexible XML structure and deprecated data was removed.

A flexible and customizable system promises the success of productive and growth. The solution selected for this project is Alfresco, an open source content management system. With it’s open source architecture, Alfresco provides an optimal solution.

Working with our team, a strategic meta-data map was created to transition the data. Items to be migrated were individually mapped to specific XML nodes and depreciated meta-data was flagged to be dropped from the system.

The mapping strategy provided the developers a blueprint for exporting the old Blue Martini data into flat file structures and customizing the Alfresco database. The developers then used Alfresco’s bulk import tool to parse the data into the new system. Drools was incorporated to perform the categorical mapping based on keywords and file structure. During this transition value was added by leveraging existing meta-data to semantically build and associate new taxonomies to the migrated material.

Alfresco, Java 6, MySQL, Subversion, Alfresco Bulk Import Tool, Maven Alfresco AMP Archetype, Drools

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